Lumber Magnetic Back Support Belt

Lower back pain is a common problem experienced by truckloads of individuals out there. It’s estimated that four in every five person encounters back issues at some point in their lives.
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Lumber magnetic back support belt is a recent trend in the market that has garnered widespread popularity in a very short duration. It’s said to be extremely helpful in providing temporarily relief from back pain. Not only does it offer relief from back pain, it also offers great support to our back muscles. Lumber Magnetic belt contain tourmaline beads which are embedded into pads at the front and back of the belt which produce heat on contact with the skin. Tourmaline is a natural mineral which produces far infrared rays and negative ions, which are very good for overall health as they increase circulation and enzyme activity which help to stimulate and detoxify the body. The pads slowly start to heat the skin after approximately 5-20 minutes and can be moistened with a damp cloth or spray to produce more heat.